Marie Biro is a speaker and author.

The Longest Home Run is now an audiobook! Listen today on Audible or iTunes.

Imagination is an important theme in many of her presentations and books. And like Azar Nafisi has described, Marie believes imagination is a "canary in the coal mine" that transcends the creative arts and holds important lessons for politics and the economy.

Marie has authored several books including "The Longest Home Run," about how Henry Aaron's record-breaking home run transformed the American imagination. 

Her book "How to Build an Impossible Bottle" is an original story about the impacts of the economy on childhood imagination.

Her book "Google's New Frontier" is a true story about her experience in the trenches of a business racing to Google's Page one. 

"Twenty-First: The Life and Death of the Party" is a true-story of a twenty-first birthday party that ended in catastrophe. 

Marie graduated from Fordham University at Lincoln Center with a BA in English literature.

Marie holds 26 credits from Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work in Non-Profit and Public Management with a 3.9 GPA.

Marie studied professional performance and acting for two years at the prestigious William Esper Studios in New York City.