The Longest Home Run

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It's 1974 and Hank Aaron is one hit away from tying the great Babe Ruth for most career home runs. He is two home runs away from breaking Babe Ruth's record. Twelve-year-old Jack's imagination is set afire by Aaron's pursuit of the record. So much so that he thinks his best friend Joe hits a home run on a freight train and becomes determined to convince his friends of Joe's feat. But just like with Aaron's home run (that is earning him death threats and has placed him under FBI protection), Joe's home run reveals deep-seated divisions among everyone in Jack's hometown, even his family. Will Hank Aaron survive to break Babe Ruth's record? And will Jack be able to heal the separations in his community through his and Joe's home run? Soon they all will be asked to write a letter to Hank Aaron, and what they choose will change the course of history.